Woven Optics is building new hand-held technology that will provide wool growers with a reliable tool to measure wool micron on-farm in real-time – helping to maximise bale sorting accuracy, reduce current testing time and costs, and improve breeding efficiency by selecting the best micron producing animals early. 


Our journey – how our research skills set us up to create agricultural technology.

In 2018, using skills gained via their medical research training, Vicky Staikopoulos and Benjamin Pullen conceived the idea to create a new device that would change the way wool micron is assessed on farms.

This came about after talking with various stakeholders in the wool growing industry, who made it clear that on-farm micron testing was often still carried out using subjective and time consuming methods which couldn’t provide accurate bale sorting.

Spurred on by their understanding of how to conduct accurate data collection, they built a team around them with experienced people in the field of wool growing, machine learning, and design and engineering to help develop their technology.

Now, Woven Optics are working towards building the first generation of a hand-held wool micron testing device.

Woven Optics aim to have the first release ready for on field testing in 2021.